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How Gold Law Can Help You

Family Law

Divorce & separation – It goes without saying that divorcing or separating is one of the hardest times most people will face. Our lawyers are understanding of the difficulties you are facing and are here to guide you through this difficult time.

Divorce proceedings do not finalise arrangements regarding parenting or property/finances, these issues will need to be addressed separately.

Divorce proceedings in Australia are “no fault”. The requirements to satisfy an application for divorce are that your relationship has broken down beyond repair and a period of 12 months from 12 separation has passed.

Same sex couples whose marriages are recognised can also access Australia’s divorce system if they meet the requirements for divorce in Australia.

Children’s matters – Children are the innocent victims of any relationship breakdown. Our experience and advice can help shelter your innocent children from the stress and emotions relationship breakdowns bring. It is important to remember that in most cases your children love both of their parents and the law encourages a child’s right to a relationship with both parents where it is in their best interests to do so.

Sometimes it is recognised that safeguards are required to be put in place surrounding the way in which children spend time with either parent in circumstances where there has been violence or abuse. It is important to discuss these important issues with one of our solicitors to ensure the right balance of protection and communication is achieved.

Property settlement and superannuation – Your relationship has broken down and now you are faced with the daunting task of protecting your financial security for the future. You have worked hard to accumulate assets and investments for your financial security and it is important that you carefully consider your future financial needs and recognise the hard work, effort and sacrifices you have made to accumulate wealth.

The law recognises your contributions to the accumulation of wealth whether your role was that of homemaker and parent or busy producing an income in the workforce. The Family Law Act recognises a number of sometimes complex variables which require consideration to achieve a fair and equitable split. Our lawyers are experienced in assessing the personal circumstances of each relationship and providing accurate legal advice regarding your entitlements under the Family Law legislation.

Domestic violence – If you have been subjected to domestic violence it is important that you and your family feel safe. Our lawyers are experienced in applying for applications for protection orders under domestic violence legislation.

If you feel you have been incorrectly accused of committing domestic violence it is important that this issue is addressed as it can have long term consequences and effects for your future. Our lawyers are experienced in defending people falsely accused of domestic violence and can assist during this stressful time.

Binding Financial Agreements (Pre-nups) – Binding Financial Agreements are a less formal way of arranging financial affairs. Binding Financial Agreements can be prepared in anticipation of co-habitation or marriage, during marriage or while already co-habiting and following the breakdown of your relationship. Binding Financial Agreements can be a cost effective solution where parties are in agreement regarding the division of assets.

Binding Financial Agreements do come with a note of caution however, there are certain limits as to the longevity and effectiveness of a Binding Financial Agreement that you need to carefully consider in conjunction with experienced legal advice surrounding these documents, before deciding if this is the right choice for your circumstances.


Conveyancing is the branch of law that deals with the transfer of ownership of real estate property.

The purchase and sale of real property takes a lot of organisation and requires specific and extensive knowledge of the relevant bodies of legislation which deal with real property in Queensland as well as knowledge of the processes used by the various government bodies we are required to communicate with to complete such an important transaction.

Your team at Gold Law Hervey Bay have the skill, experience and expertise to ensure your purchase or sale is successfully completed with the minimum amount of stress for our valued clients. We take the stress out of conveyancing.

Our principle solicitor has been involved in real property transactions since 2007. During this time Kade has completed advanced studies in the area of real estate property law and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field to ensure your interests are protected and provide you with peace of mind that your transaction is in the right hands.

Our service includes:

  • Reviewing your contract before you sign to ensure the document contains the right clauses to suit the needs of your unique circumstances.
  • Follow up and ensure you are prepared for critical dates
  • Liase with banks
  • Liase with lawyers and conveyancers on the otherside of the transaction as well as your real estate agent.
  • Prepare all necessary Land Titles Office documents and Office of State Revenue calculations.
  • Ensure all parties, including banks are ready to settle by the due date and before.

Succession Law

By making a Will you are freeing your loved ones from financial worries and difficult decisions at a time of emotional distress and bereavement.

From a basic Will to more complex Estate matters we are here to advise you. For more complex estates we believe in working together with your accountants, financial planners and other advisers to create an estate planning strategy to maximise the inheritance your intended beneficiaries will receive.

We can assist in the following areas of Succession Law:

  • Preparing Wills
  • Administration of Estates
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Directives
  • Preparing Testamentary Trusts
  • Will disputes. Have you been unfairly left out of a Will or left with an amount you feel is unfair? We can help you dispute, contest or challenge the Will to ensure you receive all that you deserve from the Estate.
  • Advising on and obtaining probate
  • Family provision claims
  • Risk management advice and strategies to protect estate assets from potential disputes.
  • Advise and plan for the succession of estate assets in blended families
  • Protection for children with special needs.
  • Business succession and shareholder arrangements.


Commercial Law

Commercial Law is the area of law that deals with the legislation that governs commerce, trade, sales and merchandising, as well as the businesses and individuals who engage in those activities.

Gold Law Hervey Bay is experienced in and can assist in the following areas:

  • Drafting, advising and preparing lease documents
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Property development and subdivision
  • Construction and building disputes
  • Property and leasing disputes
  • Transportation disputes
  • Enforcement of securities
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • General contractual disputes

Employment & Workplace Law

We have earned a reputation as trusted advisors and litigators in this field. The firm can assist both employers and employees in all aspects of Employment and Workplace Relations Law with services including:

  • Unfair dismissal claims.
  • Advice for termination and redundancy.
  • Workplace agreements.
  • Underpayment of wages and entitlements.
  • Preparation of policies and procedures regarding all aspects of employment.
  • Complaint management procedures.
  • Employment contracts and contractor agreements.
  • Workplace health and safety obligations and policies.

Our firm works with a wide range of clients ranging from individuals through to small and large businesses. We are experienced litigators in this field providing reassurance that your rights are protected and upheld whether that be the protection of your business or compensation for unpaid wages, we are trained and experienced to ensure you get the best result.

Personal Injuries

Having worked for one of Australia’s largest specialist personal injuries firms, Kade has a unique skillset in this area.

Our firm has been able to assist clients obtain excellent outcomes in each of the following areas:

  • Motorvehicle accidents.
  • Bicycle accidents.
  • Workplace injuries.
  • Dependency claims following the death of a loved one.
  • Criminal compensation claims.
  • Medical negligence claims.

We understand that life after an injury can dramatically change the lifestyle you and your family once enjoyed. Our firm is able to assist in ensuring you receive the treatment required to help the recovery process and see that you are compensated for the loss you have suffered arising from someone else’s negligence.

Life as you knew it before your injury, may never be the same again, however our firm will assist in ensuring you have the financial means to receive the support and medical treatments required to increase and improve your quality of life moving forward.

Criminal Law

It is our aim to get you the best result possible. Our firm is experienced in assisting clients navigate their legal problems in the following areas:

  • Criminal charges
  • Bail applications
  • Traffic offences including drink and drug driving
  • Work license applications
  • Coronial inquests
  • Parole Board decision reviews
  • Juvenile offenders

The prospect of being arrested or charged with an offence is an unnerving experience. The decisions you make from this point, including the choice of criminal defence lawyer, can very well impact on the rest of your life in a significant way.

We strongly recommend obtaining legal advice prior to discussing anything with police. Attempting to explain your version of events to the police will very likely make your situation worse. Contact us first.

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